The Meaning Behind Your Dreams

Written by Gracielle Dedo

You’ve most likely found yourself lying awake in the morning, dazed and confused as to why you just dreamt something incredibly strange. There is significant reasoning behind our dreams. They can reveal more about our true thoughts and feelings than we would ever be able to grasp on our own. Today, I will be covering some of the most popular types of dreams, and what they mean.

Losing a Tooth

Your teeth are front and center in your appearance. They’re visible when you speak and eat. Dreaming about losing one tooth or many can signify that you are feeling self-conscious, or insecure about something, most likely your appearance. There is another possible reason, that you feel powerless in life and lack control.


Perhaps the most common type of nightmare, finding yourself in a peaceful slumber one minute and falling out of the sky the next is not fun for anyone. The explanation for this type of dream is that things in your life are not going as planned, you’re not happy. It indicates that a new path might need to be taken.

Taking a Test

Test-taking is ridden with anxiety and haunts people even in their sleep. If this randomly occurs in your dreams and you’re stumped as to why this may be the reason. You may fear failing in some aspect of your life, perhaps you’re under too much pressure. Another discussed reason is that you are unprepared for an important task.

At the root of all dreams, is a meaning, no matter how weird it may be. Analyzing yours can help you get to know yourself better. The entire field of study involving dreams is a vast and interesting one, worth looking into further.


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