The Pursuit of Perfection: and How it Undermines Mediocrity

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Written by Gracielle Dedo

Toxic Motivation

Hustle culture and ultra-positivity-based motivation have given both the Millennial and now Gen-Z generation unattainable standards—social media raves on ‘glow-up’ culture. Content-based around how to constantly reinvent oneself to fit in with the current narrative has been around since the concept of idolization has existed. Platforms such as TikTok allow rapid-fire bite-sized pieces of content to be digested. Videos exploiting the ever-present need to be better than yesterday set a precedent of never accepting where you are as an achievement. Female-oriented spaces tend to be targeted more concerning content preaching new makeup, skincare, and hair products. But all audiences fall victim to ‘hustle culture.’ 

Hustle Culture

At its core, hustle culture is a product of capitalism. This ideology entails working near death, pursuing a rich life, and an abundantly successful career. While having ambitious goals drives us in life, never being happy with what will lead to a lack of emotional fulfillment. In the American capitalistic society, people have forgotten the simple joys of life, of mediocrity. It is a sad truth that many have summed up adulthood as working a dreaded nine to five. 


In life, there are ways to find the fulfillment you seek in ways far more healthy. We must not forget the pleasure of eating together with friends and family or simply playing the instrument you love. We must motivate ourselves to embrace simplicity. We must work to live, not live to work. If not, what is the purpose of the brief moment we are on this earth?