Why Book To Movie Adaptations Are So Popular

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By Emily O’Reilly 
     Unless you haven’t watched a movie during the last two decades, it is likely that you have watched at least one adaptation. Books are very popular and rack up millions of fans before the idea of a movie is even put into place. There is a story being created and built throughout each standalone or series. This is a great selling point for movie companies. The plot and world has already been developed and loved by the fans. Fans know what to expect and if that is not reflected in the movie, they will root for more movies of that particular series. They are able to picture in their head what each character and scene should look like. That is why so much money and popularity goes into the movie adaptations of books.     Popular books including the Harry Potter, Divergent, and Hunger Games series have at least three movies per series. Although they may have a few flaws, they are still loved by people who are devoted to the books. Those flaws can include a character looking different from how they were described, a plot going in a different direction, and a few scenes from the books missing from the movies.      Most fans are able to overlook the differences because of the connection they have to the story. Those three examples are all dystopian books but there are other genres that get turned into movies. Romance and true stories are two genres that also are commonly developed into movies. A few examples in the romance category are Me Before You, Love, Simon, and Five Feet Apart. Book to movie adaptations are more likely to do good in the box office rather than a new idea despite any differences that may be when you compare the two. Since the story already has a well thought out plot and a large following, it is also common for it to become bigger than it previously was. More people may read the book after they watch
the movie to compare and see if they enjoy the book too. No matter what type of book it is, it is likely that it will do good as a movie even if it isn’t exactly the same.