Why Taylor Swift Fans Have Been Staying Up Until Midnight

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By Emily O’Reilly

     Only a few days ago, Taylor Swift’s tenth album called Midnights came out. This has caused her fans to go into a frenzy looking for all of the clues that are hidden within the lyrics. But before the album came out, not only did she announce the album at the VMA award show, she announced the titles of her songs via Tiktok. From September 20 to October 7, Swift used a bingo cage to decide which track she was going to announce the title of that night for her 13 songs. Posting Tiktoks at midnight almost every other night caused her fans to stay up in order to hear it directly from her rather than from others on social media. Each night a title was released, it allowed the public to think about what event in her life that song would be discussing. This is one of the most unique methods an artist has ever used to entice their fans and bring in a larger audience on their page multiple times a week.

     Not only did she do this, but on October 16, five days before the album dropped, she posted another Tiktok showing a calendar with all of her upcoming events labeled. The event that caught the attention of her fans the most was the “special very chaotic surprise” that would be happening at 3am on the 21st after her album has already been released. Turns out, she had 7 more tracks up her sleeve that she released alongside the original 13 tracks. Having 20 tracks in total not including the unreleased deluxe tracks allows for many stories to be told that may or may not be known by the public. The two music videos that have been released have also allowed for many theories to be created including an upcoming tour announcement and new rerecordings of her albums. Similar to Taylor Swift, the world has had many sleepless nights because of her music and that most likely won’t end anytime soon.