Why Women’s History Month is Important and How You Can Join in on This Celebration

Written by Aubrie Buldain

Every year starting on March 1st, women worldwide are celebrated for being well…themselves. Too many women across the globe, women’s history month is a month that celebrates contributions, astounding discoveries, and achievements women have made in past and present years. On the other hand, some don’t see the importance of this month. Why celebrate women for one month when we could appreciate them for what they have done every day?

Before we talk about why this month is so important, here’s some background information about this celebration. Ever since 1987, women have been celebrated for their accomplishments and achievements that sadly don’t get recognized often. In 1980, president Jimmy Carter issued a presidential proclamation stating that the week of March 8th is National Women’s Week each year. From there came the start of national women’s month. Now that we have discussed the background history and how this celebratory month started, let’s talk about why this event is so important and how you can celebrate it! Why do we celebrate national women’s month each year? Each year, women worldwide come together to celebrate other women and acknowledge them for their contributions to this world. Women such as Malala Yousafzai, Rosa Parks, Ruth Bater Ginsburg, and even you are all celebrated during this month and are shown appreciation for everything they have done.

How exactly can we celebrate this month? Research the history of women’s rights, and ponder how you can help with the issues women face. Post on social media promoting this month, showing your support for this wonderful month! Donate to nonprofit organizations that help young girls all over the world get education in different countries where they may not have access to it. Whatever you can do this month to show your support for women, do it!

Happy National Women’s History Month, everyone!