ASU Prep Digital Student Spotlight: Michael Scavuzzo

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Discover how Michael became an ASU Prep Digital student

Michael Scavuzzo was destined for a life on the go since before he turned one.

“He literally started to kick the soccer ball around when he learned how to walk,” Diane Scavuzzo, Michael’s mom, said. “He must’ve been around 11 months old.”

As soon as he was old enough to join a team, Michael started playing soccer. He immediately fell in love with the game and possessed a natural talent on the field.

The San Diego native has played in various leagues, traveling the world to train with professional soccer teams, including Manchester City, West Ham United, and BVB.

At the age of 15, Michael moved to Arizona to attend Barca Academy, the only U.S. Soccer Development Academy program in the country that offers a full-time residential program as part of their partnership with a top international professional team. The program also includes access to an on-site high school—ASU Preparatory Academy at Casa Grande.

“I really enjoyed the focus on learning with ASU Prep,” Michael said. “I enjoyed being in the classroom as much as I enjoyed being on the field.”

At the beginning of the year, Michael was scouted and invited to play for Sporting KC Academy, one of the top U.S. Soccer Development academies in the country. Knowing he couldn’t pass up this opportunity, Michael and his family began to explore academic options since leaving Barca Academy meant no longer being able to attend ASU Prep at Casa Grande.

Michael loved the personalized learning he had grown accustomed to at ASU. When he discovered he could enroll in ASU Prep Academy’s online high school and become an ASU Prep Digital student, the decision was a no-brainer.

“I feel the teachers want to know me and help me achieve my goals,” Michael said. “I’ve been able to maintain a 4.0 GPA while juggling a rigorous training and traveling schedule. I know this wouldn’t be possible without the support and guidance from my amazing teachers at ASU Prep Digital and I can’t thank them enough.”

And his mom couldn’t agree more.

“The teachers are very involved and the discussion based assessments provide a real opportunity for the teachers to get to know their students,” Diane said. “We feel very lucky to be part of the ASU Prep Digital family.”

Michael has his sights set on becoming a professional soccer player and leading his country to victory in the World Cup someday. Until then, he’s looking forward to playing collegiate soccer while studying either marine biology or sports science.

We couldn’t be happier to have Michael as an ASU Prep Digital student and we’re excited to see where this next year takes him!


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