Socialization in Online Learning vs Traditional High School

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One of the most important aspects of life is socialization. Because it’s a lifelong process, every interaction we have from childhood through adulthood shapes our personality and how we adapt and respond to social situations in society. 

There are different types of socialization: primary, secondary, developmental, anticipatory, and resocialization. Each type serves a different function, whether it’s to learn the values and norms of our culture or what kind of roles we can play in future relationships.


How is socialization linked to education?

Kids spend a majority of their lives in school, meaning a few types of socialization, such as secondary and developmental, are learned and reinforced as they progress on their education journey. How else will students develop social skills like being a good communicator? Or discover what type of career they want without joining clubs that align with their interests? 

This is why many people are skeptical of online high school, and why so many myths surrounding online learning exist. They think that online students miss out on the socialization component, but the truth is that socialization is a huge component of the online learning experience, and similar to that of a traditional high school setting! Let’s take a closer look:


Interacting with classmates

Students in online learning environments interact with classmates on a daily basis, just like in traditional classrooms. Many online high schools, including ASU Prep Digital, host live lessons where students and teachers connect using an online video chat. But the socialization doesn’t stop there. Because students don’t sit in a physical classroom together every day, they’re encouraged to find ways to socialize outside of their live lessons. This can be anything from group chats to virtual study groups, giving students more time to strengthen their friendships.


Student clubs

One of the biggest ways students socialize in high school is through clubs. Most traditional high schools have a set list of clubs they offer, from student newspaper to book club. Online high schools have these as well, and students meet on a weekly basis using online video chat. To create an even stronger community, and increase student involvement, many schools encourage their students to present their own club ideas for implementation!


In-Person Activities

Aside from clubs, the majority of student activities at traditional schools revolve around things like prom, graduation, or pep rallies. Online high schools offer similar activities, but try to take it one step further. For example, ASU Prep Digital plans monthly meet ups for students and staff, ranging from pizza parties to ASU campus tours. This gives students time to plan in advance for activities and make travel arrangements if they live out of state.


Being an online learner doesn’t mean giving up the social aspect of your life. In many ways, online high school will give you the tools to socialize in more ways than you thought possible. Don’t believe us? Stay tuned to our blog to hear from a student who has had an active social life thanks to ASU Prep Digital!

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