What Are the Expectations for Parent Involvement in Online Education?

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When your child is enrolled in a traditional school, you know the level of parent involvement that is expected. You check in nightly on homework assignments and upcoming tests, you attend parent/teacher conferences, and you help them navigate planning for college and the future.

But what if your child is enrolled in an online school?

The good news is there are plenty of opportunities for parent and family involvement in online education. And at ASU Prep Digital, we encourage our families to be just as involved in our community as their children are!

Here are some ways to help your child successfully navigate online school:

Check in often.

High school is the time for your child to begin developing a strong work ethic, good study techniques, and healthy habits to help them balance school and life. And if they’re just beginning online school, this can be an especially stressful time as they develop a routine and adjust to online learning. 

“I would recommend a nightly check in during the grace period, or first two weeks of classes,” May Huang, a Learning Success Coach at ASU Prep Digital, said. “Continue this for another week and if they are passing or have As/Bs, proceed with weekly monitoring. However, if a grade drops, then move to nightly.”

Help create a space free of distractions.

One of the key components of online learning is having a work space that promotes productivity. It’s tempting to stay in bed and work all day in PJs (which is totally acceptable with online learning), but sometimes students need a dedicated spot to really buckle down and get things done.

This will look different for every student, but finding a part of your home that is quiet and free of distractions is a great first step. Work with your child to figure out what helps their efficiency and what detracts from their focus.

Keep in touch with instructors and Learning Success Coach.

At a brick-and-mortar school, you may not hear from your child’s teachers after parent/teacher conferences unless your child is struggling in a class. 

At ASU Prep Digital, we believe in creating a community of support for your child, which includes his or her instructors and Learning Success Coach. You will be in frequent communication with them whether your student is excelling or needs a little extra help. You will also have access to your child’s courses, so you’ll be able to view their grades and reach out if you have any concerns.

Expand socialization opportunities by attending in-person events.

It’s a common misconception that online high school students don’t socialize the same way brick-and-mortar students do. However, many online high schools continue to debunk this myth—including ASU Prep Digital.

Not only do we offer a variety of online clubs for students to join, we also provide many opportunities for our ASU Prep Digital community to meet in person and get to know one another. From orientations and pizza parties to ASU campus tours, we have plenty of events coming up this fall for you and your child to participate in.


We empower our students to take control of their education, and we want you to feel empowered to help them every step of the way. 

Take a look at our Family Handbook and other frequently asked questions for additional information on parent and family involvement. You can also join our ‘Parents of ASU Prep Digital’ Facebook group to share tips and plan meet ups with other families.


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