How Education Will Play a Crucial Role in the Future of Jobs

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Recent studies have shown that children will ultimately perform jobs that look and sound a lot different from the ones their parents had. New, unknown industries will be the engines of future job creation.

How can we prepare for a world that is both science fiction fantasy and reality at the same time? 

Education will play an important part.

When students use technology to practice timeless skills like creative and critical thinking, communication, and complex problem solving, they can adapt them to a rapidly changing job market. Resilience is formed by learning indispensable, foundational tools like these. 

Some areas that are predicted to expand in the future are Alternative Energy, Nursing, and Software Systems Development.

But imagine, students today will one day be performing jobs that don’t even exist yet! It’s an exciting time for them as they prepare for careers of the future.  


The students at ASU Prep Digital use technology in innovative ways and have the opportunity to explore everything from robotics to artificial intelligence as they imagine what the future will bring.

Learning success coaches help each student plan a career pathway designed with the unique interests and passions of the learner in mind. Whether it’s Mechanical Engineering, Health Sciences, or Global Politics, a personalized pathway allows students to start earning credit toward their major and prepares them to meet the unique demands of a rapidly evolving world. 

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