You are now leaving the high school website and entering the university site.


You are now leaving the high school website and entering the university site.


You are now leaving the high school website and entering the university site.


You are now leaving the high school website and entering the university site.


You are now leaving the high school website and entering the university site.

Prep for college. Prep for careers. Prep for life.

ASU Prep Digital students have the opportunity to collaborate with peers around the world, earn college credit, and gain a competitive advantage on their path to higher education.

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A course schedule for anyone.

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ASU Prep Digital offers full-time online programs for students in grades K-12 (free to Arizona residents). Full-time high school students can take all of their courses with us and earn a diploma. They can also take concurrent courses and accelerate their path to college and careers.

We also offer middle and high school online courses for part-time students. Part-time students may attend a traditional school and take one or more courses online with us to get ahead. These can be middle school, high school, university or concurrent courses where students earn both high school and university credit.

Our elementary school program is only available for full-time students. To learn more about grades K-5, please join an online info session.

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Two-minute course tour.

Join us on a quick tour of a typical ASU Prep Digital online course. We’ll explore student engagement, progress tracking, teacher feedback and success strategies. You can also tour a course from a student or teacher perspective. 

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Popular Questions

More FAQs
Is my child a good fit for ASU Prep Digital?

While we believe that there is no one size fits all approach to learning, we are committed to using the best innovations in digital learning to meet the needs of all learners and create a customized experience for each and every student.

Let’s talk about your specific child and learning needs.

What are the expectations for family involvement?

We love our ASU Prep Digital families and we know they play an essential role in the success of our students. We ask that each of our families take an active role in the education of their child as well as our school community.

We partner with families to attend orientation and Individualized Learning Plan conferences four times each year. ASU Prep Digital also offers both online and face-to-face opportunities to keep our families involved throughout the school year.

How many college credits can my child earn?

There is no set limit on number of college credits a student can earn. Your child will have the opportunity to take Arizona State University online courses while supported by ASU Prep Digital faculty.

Additionally, If you enroll in ASU Prep Digital full time and successfully graduate with at least a 3.0 GPA, you meet the requirements for admission to Arizona State University. You will also meet the Arizona Board of Regents admissions requirements for the other state universities. Our College Going Advisor will support you every step of the way as you make your post-secondary plans.

Can my child transfer to another ASU Prep Academy?

Yes. Students have the option of transferring to another ASU Prep Academy. Due to the rigor of the curriculum, and to ensure a change doesn’t impact academic progress, you would discuss the transfer with your child’s Learning Success Coach. The student would need to meet the enrollment requirements and be added to a waitlist, if one existed, at the school they were wanting to enroll at.

Can my child walk in the graduation ceremony?
Yes! Every student who is graduating from ASU Prep Digital is invited to participate in all senior activities, including our graduation ceremony. Please visit for more information.

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