Checking Student Logins When Sharing A Device

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An important note to families with multiple students in one household sharing a single device.

Please note that student logins for ASU Prep Digital are accessed via the Google Suite. This means that, similar to other Google or Gmail logins, it is possible that your browser (especially if you are using Chrome) will save each set of login credentials. It is vitally important that if multiple students are using the same device, that they ensure that they are logged into their own account before they begin coursework each time. Please be mindful of this in order to prevent one student inadvertently accessing and completing the course work in another student’s account.

Click here for directions on how to check whether or not you are logged into Google Suite and Canvas.

Here are some DOs and DON’Ts when it comes to device sharing:

  • DO check before each session that you are logged into the correct account
  • DO log out of courses and your student portal after every session
  • DO clear your browser cache and cookies often
  • DON’T close the browser after completing course work without logging out
  • DON’T allow your browser to log in automatically without checking that you’re using the correct account

When sharing devices among families, please ensure that each student has fully logged out of their account before the next student begins using that device.