Written by Gianni Zamarron

What Now?

So is that it? What happens now? Are we supposed to get this vaccine and it all goes away?

Did the doctors that work day and night go back to what they do? Do we leave the masks at home? Can we hug our family again?

Domino after Domino

It’s not that easy, we know it’s not going to ever be this easy. There’s always a toll to pay at the gate. 124 million, 70.3 recovered 2.73 million deaths. Domino after domino, life afterlife. The frontline responders worked a day in, day out to keep millions alive. A dent in our society that’ll take months to recover from.

We need to keep the masks for a while, to make sure we are not spreading stronger strains of the virus. Sanitation has to stay highly alert. The social distancing?


I’m not sure about that.

So, is that it?

What happened to our mentality?


This mentality of 2020 was going to be a good year? Where did it go when we got the forest fires? When the epidemic broke out? Where did it go when we realized how much our lives would change, for the better or the worse?

When did we realize we couldn’t hug our loved ones anymore with the 6 feet that separated us? With the danger of this pandemic?

Where did it go when we realized who really cared?

Where did it go when we realized people weren’t taking this seriously?


Starting spring break as a freshman who thought the most of what their future had for them just to end it as a junior. For some friends to leave just to realize we didn’t say goodbye fast enough. To watch the clouds in the backyard as the same songs replay over and over when the days melted together, just to find some sort of stability.


It’s a bitter reality.

This weight on our shoulders.

Is that it?

45,533,962 doses already administered in the U.S.


The dominos fall again.

Let’s hope this time we understand the next few weeks.