Crafted Emotion

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Written by Gracielle Dedo

The crafted emotion naturally derived from a subject matter of artistry can be but the rawest form of delicate communication we as humans know, a method of baring our souls to one another. Whether it be by the acute stroke of a paintbrush, the pound of fingertips on ivory keys, or the soft scratching of pencil on cellulose fibers, artisans and creative types speak through their compositions.

The casual spoken word can only convey so much thought. Artistry maintains the unique ability to elevate simplistic ideas and miraculously transform them into something far beyond. The fundamental concept of sadness is absolute. Yet listen to a piece of music written with the pure intent of imparting that feeling, and what follows is such depth that it is purely natural to tear up. A pianist speaks passionately in musical notes, complex chords, and those subtle pauses in instrumental music that demand more. An accomplished painter properly utilizes luminous shadows, lighting, and complex texture to portray passionate fervor. A prolific writer knows how to sculpt familiar words, delicately painting with them. Personal creativity is profoundly crucial to the human experience. Without it, life’s excessive jejune dryness and poignant emotions would consume us. Instead, if we take those emotions and bend them to our will, implement them into our compositions and creative outlets, we grasp control and feel even deeper. 


If a beloved movie, memorable song, a remarkable piece of art, or anything in between, can reach your soul, connect in the deepest sense with your mind, then the artist has succeeded. To imagine the extent of our communication as humans are limited to that of speech and simple writing is amiss from the truth. Cultivating one’s creative talents naturally brings them closer to the most authentic form of the human experience. A taciturn lifestyle remains the most unfulfilling and bleak way to live the human experience.