On the Road Again…

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Written by Alaina Garcia

Traveling, we have all imagined a moment where we can get away from the worries and stresses of today, yesterday, or tomorrow. Travelling can be done in more ways than you would think. Consider the idea of walking down the street to the park on a summer day, driving across states listening to your favorite music, or just closing your eyes and pretending you’re on the beach listening to the waves crash.
Henry Miller, an American author, once said “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” This quote withholds the beauty of travel and all that can come from one just closing one pair of eyes to see with another pair within their mind. Once your inner eyes are open, take that time to imagine. Imagine basking in the sun, cooling off in a lake, being with a loved one; All ways to truly embrace travel and all its wonders! Doing this opens the mind as well as the heart to new beginnings and maybe the endings of something beautiful.
Visual beauty offers a gift to the seer, the seer can find the calm in the storm, the light in the darkest of days, the jolt of excitement. When one takes the step to leave their comfort zone to discover new things, they also discover more about themselves and who they are. It can teach you about cultures, communication, and confidence to continue to learn about the gems of this world we live in! No matter the form of travel you take through mind or body, you will always be on an adventure, life itself is an adventure and you just need to leap to explore it.