Information About the Deaf and Deaf Culture

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By Natalee Tygard 

     What do you know about Deaf culture and the Deaf community? Well, there are so many things to learn about them! Did you know that many Deaf children grow up never learning sign language? They must communicate to their families on paper. Many learn to sign when they are older, but some never learn to sign.     Many of the Deaf do not get to be around other Deaf very often. It is even more rare to encounter others who can sign. When the Deaf get together they embrace it and talk for many hours. There are also many Deaf communities spread throughout the United States. Many come together at events for the Deaf, such as Deaf Awareness Month.     One of the most important things to know about the Deaf is how to get their attention. One of the best ways to do this is to tap them on the shoulder, this will allow them to notice you so you can begin to sign with them. Another important thing to know is that when the Deaf talk, they maintain eye contact. This shows that they are paying attention to the person signing and know who is being spoken to.      There are also many fun facts to know about Deaf culture. Such as, when the Deaf get together at a table they prefer round tables so they can look at everyone. Another fun fact is that the Deaf are very detailed and personal when they share information. For instance, the Deaf may share detailed medical information or detail on why they are late. Another great thing to know is that when a Deaf person says “goodbye,” they will add more information to the conversation. This can make the conversation last another hour or more! Overall, the Deaf are such a great and kind community and their culture is very interesting!