The Effect Trash has on Sea Life

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By Natalee Tygard 


     Sea life is such a beautiful thing. Who would want such an adorable creature like a baby sea turtle or something as elegant as a dolphin to be harmed? This can happen every time someone intentionally does not throw something away or even if a piece of trash like a plastic bag blows away. These creatures can suffer for it. For example, did you know that sea turtles eat jellies, morecommonly known as jellyfish and seaweed? If a sea turtle goes to eat what resembles what they think looks like a jelly and it turns out to be a plastic bag, they could choke on it. We never would wish or want that to happen to them. Every time we do not care or lose our trash, it affects them. Another example would be fishing hooks and fishing lines. Fishers may think that tossing their leftover fishing line in the water is not going to be a problem or may not care what damage it causes, but it can get caught around the tails or fins of most sea creatures. This can cause animals like dolphins or whales to drown if they cannot get back to the surface to breathe. It can also cause the fins and tails of other creatures to lose circulation and no longer work properly. Another example would be that over the years, there have been islands of trash forming and continuously building up in the middle of oceans. These islands are polluting the water and causing similar problems to the examples I have depicted.       To help prevent these tragedies before they happen, we can do many things like when we have trash, we can find and use a wastebasket to dispose of it. We can use items that are biodegradable or that do not need to be thrown away because they are reusable. We can also recycle so that our waste is used to make something new. A way for us to help fix the problem is to help clean up our environment. When we have a beach day or any day out in nature, we can bring a bag to help us clean up any litter we find. Whenever you throw something on the ground or let something blow away, think about how it could affect our beautiful animals and planet. We all do not want any sea life or any animal to have to suffer because of our mistakes. These animals already have to deal with the hardships of living in the wild. Let us not give them another thing that they have to stay protected from!