How to Select the Best Online High School

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If you’re considering enrolling your student in online high school, you might find yourself wondering what makes for the best virtual learning platform. While the answer may vary depending on who you ask, there are a few credentials to look for when choosing the best option for your student so they can be successful in their studies. 


Any good educator will tell you that having the right mentorship is imperative to every student’s success during their academic career. While online high school requires students to be independent and self-motivated, it also gives them access to more personalized help (both academic and emotional). At ASU Prep Digital, each student is paired with a Learning Success Coach to help them make the most of their school experience, and even prepare them for college and a career. 


You might turn to online learning to accommodate your student’s (and your own) busy schedule. School runs and rush-hour traffic can be a huge time commitment, to say the least. Online learning alleviates those frustrations, but also allows students to create a schedule that accommodates their needs both in and out of the classroom. At ASU Prep Digital, students can work anytime, from anywhere, which means more time for strengthening their skills, discovering new hobbies, and getting a head start on a future career. Curious about how flexibility helps the community of learners at ASU Prep Digital? Check out this story of Caleb, a senior working toward his dream of becoming a drone pilot.


It’s a common misconception that online learning means sacrificing interpersonal relationships and the chance to build real-world social skills that are crucial for young minds. We’ve debunked several socialization myths in online learning because connectivity is an integral part of having the best online high school experience. From virtual clubs and study groups to in-person meet-ups, online high schools like ASU Prep Digital provide students with plenty of opportunities to make friends and create lasting bonds. What does being social truly look like for an online student? Check out this story of Hannah, a senior who has immersed herself in the ASU Prep Digital community.

The best online high school experience gives students the tools they need to succeed in every area of their life—and it’s what ASU Prep Digital has been doing for its students since 2017. Learn more about Arizona’s best online high school here and begin the enrollment process today.